Support for your courses and training

UK and International support for learning


Experts in assessment and qualifications we offer outsourced delivery, assessment and internal quality assurance services for schools, colleges and adult and private education providers in many different subjects, as well as running our own online hair and beauty courses.

  • Help for your college, school, business or awarding organisation?
  • Feel under resourced?
  • Need cover teachers?
  • Unfamiliar with new standards?

For whatever reason you would like help with your courses or development, we can tailor your specific requirements providing services on a long or short-term basis, such as:

Teaching and learning 
Course management

Supply teaching
Student workshops

Staff workshops

New course development
Curriculum development
Student study and learning material or packs
Training and development for student and/or staff

Remote marking
End Point Assessment

Vocational Assessment

Examination and Assessment Creation
Visiting/Freelance Assessment Services

Internal quality assurance (IQA)
Visiting quality assurance services for your centre or business, including visiting salons to IQA assessment practice
Internal standardisation for staff
Creation of quality processes, procedures and tracking documentation

Visiting assessment services to your salons to assess your apprentices
Visiting verification services to your salons to IQA assessment practice

Competition Masterclasses

Prepare your students for competitions such as World Skills by scheduling a masterclass


Quality reviews and acting as your Quality Lead
We can risk assess your systems and procedures for example your student tracking, your current IQA sampling strategies and how compliant your assessment and verification is, in order to satisfy awarding organisation


Let us help you, contact us for a no obligation chat to see if we can make your life easier by freeing up your resource, streamlining your work and ensuring that your students learn and achieve. 


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