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Professional Ethics for the Hair and Beauty Industry


Professional appearance may differ between the hairdressing and beauty industries however here are a list of general guidelines.

Personal appearance

  • Clean and pressed clothing or uniform
  • No open-toes shoes for health and safety reasons
  • Hair clean. Also neat and tidy for beauty therapy
  • Well applied make-up
  • No jewellery except 1 pair of small stud earrings and wedding band for beauty
  • Clean nails - if you are wearing polish it should be well applied and unchipped. Nails should be short for beauty therapy
  • Ensure you have good personal hygiene
  • No strong perfume should be worn
  • Do not smoke or eat strong smelling foods before working.
  • Always wash hands before and after a treatment or service

Remember that a professional appearance will help to give the client confidence as well as to minimise cross-infection.

Professional Conduct  

  • Always be courteous and show respect for clients, colleagues and other professionals.
  • Never gossip or criticise another therapist
  • Never talk across to another member of staff
  • Maintain a good reputation by setting an example of good conduct in all your communication with others.
  • Try the best you can to make the treatment or service special for the client


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